Hello everyone – Here’s the part of the site where I tell you a little bit about the creator and host of the Science on the Edge podcast and website

My name is Dr Mark D’Arcy (BSc, MSc, PhD). I am a scientist, company director, and university lecturer. I was born in Greater Manchester in the UK and now live in Cambridge. I attended university in my early twenties, undertaking a degree in Biomedical Science having spent most of my teenage years moving between various professions. In those years, I worked in roles as diverse as that of a lifeguard, waiter, warehouseman and security guard, before finally deciding that something more intellectually stimulating was what I really yearned for. Even as a child, I have always had a keen interest in science and technology, spending half of my time reading either sci-fi or popular science.

Upon graduating, I spent several years working in the then newly empowered and vibrant IT industry, working in both the UK, Singapore and Finland and eventually founding my own IT company, before moving back into science and completing my MSc in DNA analysis and my PhD in in Cellular Pathology and Molecular Genetics.

I am now Science Director for Athanasia Genetics, a new genome analysis company based in Cambridge, UK, teach Cellular Biology and Physiology, and regularly publish research articles on cell biology and genetics.

My experience and training has given me a broad insight into a wide range of topics and has inspired me to produce my series of podcasts.

I hope you enjoy them

Dr Mark D’Arcy

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